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About Rangrezz

MY FM Ke Rangrerzz, the largest painting competition of Tier 2 and 3 markets of India is now in its 7th season. The MY FM annual calendar pages are graced with 12 winning paintings of each city.  Rangezz has been an exceptional talent showcasing platform with a total participation of over 1.4 million students in and over 5000 schools took part in the last 6 years. The students have shown great enthusiasm.

Year 2020 is an aberration in human history and the pandemic year has paved way for the new normal. This year Rangrezz goes digital, where kids can paint and upload their work on this website. From downloading the participation certificate to downloading the annual calendar, the site has it all.

Rangrezz in Pictures

Painting the future

Students pose for MY FM Ke Rangrezz

Human chain depicting MYFM logo

Colors speak louder than words

Successful event with happy children

The school students showcase their talent and creativity

Fun day for the little painters

The energy of children was extraordinary

Students showcase their talent & creativity


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DIY Video - How to Draw and Paint a Frog

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